In 2017, the Morellato Group notched up turnover totalling 166 million Euro, up 0.3% on the previous year. The EBITDA hit 25.5 million Euro, for a total of 15.40% of the turnover.
The group’s wholesale export quota totals 40%, particularly concentrated in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
Quarterly figures (consolidated financial statement as at 30/06/2018): over the course of the year, thanks to particularly favourable market conditions and the company’s positive rating, the Morellato Group signed new Mid/Long-term contracts for a total of 20 million Euro, of which half at a fixed rate, thereby preparing itself to tackle future challenges and major investments.

Millions of Euro                                   2018                    2017                 Variation
Turnover (first semester)                   80,4                     76,2                  +5,5%
Ebitda                                                     10,6                     10,2                  +3,9%
Net Result                                               4,1                       2,1                   +95%