The Morellato Group is the protagonist of a success story, and works alongside men and women who long ago adopted a responsible stance towards the environment and society. It applies the principles of the I.L.O. (International Labour Organization) strictly, to ensure the dignity and rights of all the workers involved in its production supply chain are safeguarded.

The diamonds used in its jewellery and watch collections are exclusively “No Blood”. Conformity with environmental and health regulations is ensured for all materials used.

For many years, the Morellato Group has actively played a part in major projects and social responsibility initiatives.

Together with the Association “Doctors with Africa” Cuamm (the most important Italian NGO operating in Africa), Morellato Group supports the important “Mothers and Children First” programme. The aim of the project is to ensure safe childbirth and nutritional measures to support mothers and children during their first 1,000 days, namely the period of time from the start of the pregnancy up until the child’s second birthday.The “Mothers and Children First” programme is active in all 7 countries of sub-Saharan Africa (Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, South Sudan and Uganda) and is run in 10 hospitals and in the surrounding areas. Its aim is to achieve a tangible, lasting result in reducing maternal and infant mortality. In the first five years of the project, which got underway in 2012, 135,000 safe births were guaranteed along with prenatal visits and transportation to hospital for many women in labour. Morellato Group supported the programme at the Wolisso Hospital in Ethiopia. With its 200 beds, every year this hospital carries out over 15,000 hospitalisations, 9,500 prenatal check-ups and 4,300 assisted births. Over 1,200,000 people rely on this hospital and the network of 20 medical centres in the surrounding area. The hospital also runs a school for nurses and obstetricians, supplying qualified staff and training.Since 2014, Medici con l’Africa Cuamm has also maintained a presence at the Cueibet hospital in South Sudan, which has largely been renovated and expanded thanks to the support of the Morellato Group. 178,000 people depend on this facility. It has 98 beds and in the last year it has guaranteed 29,500 outpatient visits, 6,250 hospitalisations, 1,200 assisted births and over 6,600 vaccinations for children throughout the area.

Morellato Group has also been a partner of the Cystic Fibrosis Charitable Research Foundation (FFC) founded in 1997 by Matteo Marzotto, a member of the Group’s Board. The Foundation supports important scientific research projects, the main aim of which is to help wipe out cystic fibrosis.Since 2002 the Foundation has invested 28,000,000 Euro, funding 366 research projects geared towards improving the care currently available. In so doing it has increased the quality and length of the lives of patients, whilst also working on the root of the defect which causes cystic fibrosis with an end to finding a definitive cure.