The Morellato Group has always been conscious of the need to safeguard the environment. As a result, it has set sustainability goals that embrace a 360° green vision, whilst also developing corporate welfare for workplaces that are more welcoming, and premises allocated for socialising and relaxing. Between the end of 2019 and the start of 2020, the Group has gradually made its premises completely plastic-free. Vending machines with plastic bottles have been replaced with water fountains, and new automatic vending machines have been adopted for coffee and other organic beverages and products, which are distributed in biodegradable or recyclable containers. The Padova headquarters, which places the emphasis on employee wellbeing, has now inaugurated new company premises designed to improve the quality of the working environment:

  • Kanteen (eating area), seats 100 with an adjoining cooking area. Gives the option of cooking or warming up meals brought from home. Alternatively, a catering service can be used; this offers an online ordering system and delivery straight to the company
  • Relaxation area for leisure and socialising. Equipped with environmentally-sustainable sofas and a seating area made of recycled cardboard, it also has a table-football area
  • 10,000 sqm Park, a private green lung alongside the company where employees can relax. Planted up with almost 400 trees and shrubs, the grounds have a 1km walkway with benches and ping-pong tables. All have been laid out in a way that recreates the pictogram of the Morellato logo. Ideal for  walking, having lunch and being surrounded by nature