Morellato Group is Europe’s largest jewellery and watch group with Italian capital. It is also a world leader in the field of top-end watch straps. The manufacturing heritage and the skilful selection and manufacture of high-quality materials are the defining features of the Group’s entire growth process.

It was 1930 when Giulio Morellato first opened a jewellery and watch laboratory in Venice. It would go on to specialise in making leather straps for wristwatches a few years later, rapidly achieving leadership amongst timepiece enthusiasts as well as supplying its straps to the finest Swiss manufactures.

In the ’60s, Silvano Carraro, a close collaborator of Giulio Morellato, entered the business at the helm of the company. In the late ’80s his sons Massimo and Marco joined the company, buying up the entire share capital in 1990. It was the start of the turning point. In something of a return to the future, Morellato rediscovered its origins, combining its watch strap business with the design and production of the first all-Italian jewellery and watch collections. As the family brand developed, the company grew through a series of acquisitions.

In 2006 it joined the Sector Group, together with subsidiaries Chronostar and Philip Watch. In a short space of time, an appropriate relaunch plan combined with targeted investments placed the two Sector No Limits and Philip Watch brands firmly in the global spotlight.

In 2007, the jewellery and watch chain Bluespirit was bought out. Today the Retail chain has more than 200 stores under the signs Bluespirit and Joyè.

In 2016 the Lucien Rochat brand, with its long tradition in fine Swiss watchmaking and a byword for value, precision and prestige, was relaunched on the international markets.

In 2017, the first Italian e-commerce website given over entirely to the world of watches and jewellery, was bought.

In 2018 La Petite Story, the new brand of “soulful jewellery” whose collections tell short stories of daily life, was brought to market.

In January 2019 Morellato Group joined Mister Watch, one of the leading player in the watch business in France. In November of the same year (2019) Morellato Group announced the acquisition of the retail chain CLEOR, one of the leading French prêt-à-porter jewelery players, that boasts 140 stores in key malls found in France’s biggest shopping destinations.

In February 2020 the acquisition of the jewelery chain D'Amante is announced. D'Amante Group boasts 180 employees and 35 stores located within the most important Italian shopping centers. In 2020 Live Diamond, the new brand specialized in producing environmentally-friendly jewellery in gold and ecological diamonds, is launched.

Led by Massimo Carraro, the Morellato Group now dominates the market thanks to constant growth and a strong expansion and development plan which, over the years, has prompted it to diversify the brands in its portfolio, taking it on to become one of the world’s biggest players.