Governance and Finance

Massimo Carraro

President, CEO and Shareholder

Cristina De' Stefani

CEO and Shareholder

Marco Carraro

CEO and Shareholder

Aymeric Chaumet

French Partner and Shareholder

Francesca Ginocchio

Global Marketing Advisor

Matteo Marzotto

Independent Director

Marina Salamon

Independent Director

Gianna Adami

Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors

Alessandro Ricci

Member of the Board of Statutory Auditors

Andrea Valmarana

Member of the Board of Statutory Auditors

The consolidated financial statements of Morellato Group for the fiscal year 2022 (ended at 28/02/2023 and drawn up in accordance with IAS/IFRS standards), highlights a turnover of 392.5 million euros (+17% vs. LY on a like-for-like basis). Pro-forma turnover, obtained by combining the results of the Morellato and CHRIST Groups, stands at 780 million euros.

Adjusted EBITDA (adjusted for costs incurred for the acquisition of CHRIST) is €95.5 million, equal to 24.3% of turnover (IRFS).

At 28.02.2023 the Net Financial Position was 204.6 million euros, with an investment of 251 million euros (for organic development and the acquisitions of the CHRIST Group in Germany and the Pierre Roux chain in France).

Millions of Euro 28.02.2023
Turnover 392,5
Proforma Turnover 780

Adjusted EBITDA 95,5