Guido Maria Kretschmer

Guido Maria Kretschmer is a well-known German fashion designer and television personality. His jewelry is just like him: cheerful, friendly, stylish and modern.

The designer presents two jewelry brands in cooperation with CHRIST.
The assortments branded GUIDO MARIA KRETSCHMERpresent filigree, feminine symbolic jewelry and special eye-catchers made of 925 sterling silver, partly gold-plated and always in combination with real diamonds. Slightly restrained and classy - with feminine, flowery shapes and symbols . The result is sparkling, fashionable jewelry that will make every woman shine.

The GMK Collection, on the other hand, strikes louder notes: these stylish, colorful accessories made of stainless steel are ideal for office looks as well as at the next club visit. The playful necklaces, bracelets, creoles and ear studs immediately give every look that certain je nesais quoi and symbolize the joy of life and fashion. The design comes - typically Guido - from the heart, picks up happiness symbols and is intended to convey positive messages. "Hearts are the symbol of love and affection. The message is: be kind to each other!" explains Guido MariaKretschmer.

Complementing this, the range of the GMK Times brand offers stylish watches that skillfully complete any look. The design plays with contrasts: masculine watch cases meet feminine dials with lots of loving details. Perfect for those who like it classic, but not boring. As a self-confessed wedding fan, Guido MariaKretschmer has also designed a GMK wedding ring collection. The wedding ring pairs are made of precious 375 white, yellow or red gold. The design is classic and timeless and impresses with a lot of attention to detail.