Live Diamond


Live Diamond is the Italian brand specialized in the production of green jewellery: recycled gold and ecological gemstones.

Always a symbol of eternity and expression of absolute beauty, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires take on for the brand an eco-friendly connotation, giving life to precious jewels respectful of the territory, the environment and human rights.

Live Diamond gemstones are born from a small fragment, of diamond or another precious stone, which is “cultivated” like a seed in a greenhouse.

The particular lab-grown process is a 360° sustainable process, which significantly reduces the environmental and social impact: no deep excavations and emissions of harmful gases and pollutants, less water and energy consumption. The lab-grown process also guarantees respect for workers’ rights and safety conditions.

The result are ecological diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires with the same chemical, physical and optical characteristics of mined gemstones: carat, color, purity and cut.

Live Diamond jewels are born: bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings designed with the taste and refinement of classic jewelry, also designed for the youngest who wish to hallmark a special moment through a green choice, an expression of accessible and innovative luxury.