La Petite Story

La Petite Story proposes collections of single earrings, bracelets and necklaces which are distinctly on-trend.

Overlapping style, materials and colours with an ultra-feminine touch are key. The stars of the whole collection are our loved ones, a rediscovering of family and friendship, and the even stronger feelings we have for those with whom we are in love.

The single earrings are enriched even more. Each earring lives on its own but is to be mixed for a punk-chic effect.

The necklaces are designed to be worn together and layered, with a variety of different lengths that showcase intentionally asymmetric styles and shapes.

A creative look features for bracelets worn by girls that like to dare, combining a minimalist look with other bolder versions and contrasting finishes. The classic tennis is combined with revisited bangle versions, single or double wrap, or with charm, unmovable or pendant.

La Petite Story: Create Your Style