Morellato Straps

Morellato Watch Straps is Europe’s leading watchstrap producer, and has represented outstanding Italian production since 1930.

Each strap is an exclusive one-off distinguished by its fine craftsmanship. Every step involved in creating a strap calls for exceptional skill: each strap is made entirely by hand, from cutting the leather to the stitching. Painstaking attention is dedicated to research and to choosing leathers, fabrics and other innovative materials. This very same attention to detail makes for refined, high quality straps.

As a European leader in the spare watch strap market, Morellato Watch Straps has always sought to create consolidated partnerships with the biggest names in watch making. The materials and the straps are tested using harsh, painstaking procedures designed to ensure the brand’s hallmark quality continues to be guaranteed.

The company’s laboratories are amongst the most advanced in Europe: every phase of production, from the choice of leather to development and manufacturing, is constantly monitored by quality control. Morellato is also a member of the Technical Commission for leather of the UNI (the Italian Unification Body), an association which drafts and promotes technical and qualitative standards for leather on both a national and international level. It works in conjunction with the Experimental Station for the Leather and Tanned Materials Industry based in Naples.

In keeping with this philosophy, the designers are entirely dedicated to creating purposely crafted proposals for each watch brand, in keeping with Italian tastes and a manufacturing approach which is the result of time-honoured traditions. The internal style office of Morellato Watch Straps works in close contact with the stylists of client brands to ensure it meets their every need.

In so doing it works on their specific requests, as well as developing completely new and original proposals of its own.

Morellato Watch Straps successfully makes any type of strap, from the classic, traditional type to the more technical, on-trend kind.